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multi-purpose water Barges

Multi-Purpose Barges to Support Your Business in Jeanerette

You’re a company that does its business on the water. With that priority in mind, your operation needs services that come to you wherever your work is taking place. At Ed Broussard Marine Service, L.L.C., we ensure efficiency and convenience are priority when we provide our clients with multi-purpose barges in Jeanerette. We have many sturdy and dependable barges that we outfit to meet your needs.

When you have a job to do, it’s best to have the ability to locate your base of operations as close as possible to your worksite. It makes sense for a number of reasons. From a convenience standpoint, it is ideal to be in proximity to where the project is taking place. Supervisors and managers can easily be in close contact with each other, and workers have the support they need from leadership close at hand.

Commercial barge rental will help you meet that need, and it will also save you money and time. It is a much more practical and affordable option than, say, building a temporary office on-site or trying to truck a trailer into a remote location. If the job site is moving along, much as you will find from pipeline or power line work, for example, the mobility of a commercial barge will make its value readily apparent by keeping pace with the job.

You are not looking at extended travel times to get to the job site or excessive travel costs either when your office and project HQ is right there. Resources can be stored close by where they are easily accessible, and it’s always good for workers to have a safe and secure spot to take breaks, have meals, and use the washroom.

Whether your operation needs a shipload of potable water or vessel to serve as office space or muster point, we can rent one of our multi-purpose barges to you. You don’t have to invest your money on your barge. Just rent one from us as our basic water barges can serve a multitude of purposes.

Meeting the Needs of Your Operation

In addition to our versatile multi-purpose barges, we have various other vessels that serve specific functions, depending on the marine services you require. Ask about our self-propelled barges with cranes to lift and move your goods. We also have ships that serve as quarters for your crew. Feel confident that we have the vessels to help you do business on the water.


BARGE 120' x 30' x 7' double rake 3/8" plate
SPUDS Two (2) 8" x 8" x 26' raised and lowered by means of an electric winch
WATER STORAGE Barge compartments hold 90,000 gallons of potable water