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Accommodation Barges

High-Quality Accommodation Barge in Jeanerette, LA

Working on the water is a tough job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easier on yourself and your crew. That is why the team at Ed Broussard Marine Service is proud to offer you access to an accommodation barge in Jeanerette, LA, when you need it.

Designed to accommodate work personnel and crew with the essentials of comfort and safety, these barges are fully fitted with the equipment necessary to undertake a variety of offshore tasks. Contact us today to learn more about our accommodation barges for rent or to place one on hold so that it is on hand for you when your project begins.

Barge Rentals | Jeanerette, LA

Offshore Accommodation for Your Workforce

Accommodation barges are a must for any extended offshore work you might be involved in. That is why we offer barges that are capable of being customized to fit all of the needs of you and your team. No matter what type of accommodations you need, including multiple cabins, our team is ready to help you set up your barge so that it provides your offshore workforce with everything they need to accomplish their work successfully. We look forward to hearing from you soon about renting or buying barges from our trusted company.

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